Youth Ministry

The church is firmly committed to the continual growth of the youth ministry. The youth ministry leaders realize the necessity of providing comprehensive support services to address the diversity of needs in the youth community and help today’s youth successfully meet challenges. The church understands that optimal youth development requires cooperation between and among all parties involved in the life of the youth. It is the youth ministry’s mission to instill in our youth a sense of responsibility to oneself and the community, respect oneself and others, spiritual awareness and development, and a life-long commitment to Christian values and discipleship.

Vision Statement for Youth Ministry

We are children of God

  • We are female and male, of all ages and conditions.
  • We come from many social, economic and racial/ethnic backgrounds. As God's children, we are called into a loving relationship with our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.
  • We experience God's love as the Holy Spirit leads us in the living of life.

We have a vision of Youth Ministry in the church

  • Where each young person is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and is helped to grow in a dynamic, genuine and meaningful faith;
  • Where young people are involved throughout the church's life and are able to take risks in a supportive community without fear of rejection;
  • Where young people are educated within their congregations and in institutions both secular and sacred, and are supported in their quest for truth and knowledge in all disciplines;
  • Where youth and adults together as partners create a community which celebrates diversity and cherishes each other's gifts,
  • Where youth are challenged and enabled to respond to God's call to wholeness in their lives and in the world, and
  • Where young people discover and claim over and over again the Good News of God's redeeming and sustaining love.

The Core Values of the Youth Ministry

  1. Compassion: Actively listen to issues and concerns of youth.
  2. Advocacy: Affirm and witness to the gifts and graces of youth.
  3. Partnership: Emphasize youth and adult unity in ministry.
  4. Outreach: Inspire youth to commit to meaningful service.
  5. Leadership: Serve as followers of Jesus Christ.

Youth Outreach Program

The Purpose of the Youth Outreach Ministry is to evangelize and disciple young people and teach them to minister to their peers. Our mission is to bring about change in the lives of youth through development of their emotional, physical, and spiritual lives. We will provide resources in the areas of prevention, crisis intervention, and social services to help improve their quality of life. By providing the necessary resources and working with families, schools, and the community, we hope to produce productive citizens of society.

The Youth Outreach Program is endeavoring to establish a network of helpers, working with area churches, youth groups, schools and community organizations. Children need constant year-round support in order to compete or even survive in this fast paced and often times dangerous world.

As we reach out to children to provide hope in a world that provides hopelessness to the underprivileged and disadvantaged, we recognize that parents need help too. The Youth Outreach Program is further endeavoring to provide total family assistance in order to help build health and stability in our children.

Church Sponsored Youth Activities

Youth Day: A designated Sunday of each quarter will be Youth Day where youth members are in charge of the service.

Youth Choir: The youth choir consists of children from all ages. The choir meets regularly, usually on a Friday. If you love to sing, please consider becoming a member of our youth choir.

Youth Sunday School: Our Sunday School Program is very educational and interactive. We use videos, arts/crafts, and other methods to make bible learning interesting and fun. On a given Sunday, a Youth Day service may include “Angels in Training” where our children have the opportunity to present to the congregation what they have been learning in Sunday School.

Youth Day in the Park: This is an annual event that takes place in June to celebrate the completion of a successful school year and a well deserved rest. Youth from all over the community are invited to come and participate in games, face painting, and friendly competitions in which prizes are awarded. Enjoy BBQ chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and a variety of side dishes and desserts.

Youth Night: Every Friday between the hours of 6:30pm and 9:00pm the church doors are open to youth in the community to come and fellowship in a positive nurturing environment. Youth Night activities include board games, arts/crafts, movies, sing-a-longs, peer group discussions, and special guest speakers.

Youth Retreats/Field Trips: Throughout the year, church youth members venture outside the confines of the church to participate in youth workshops, concerts, banquets, and youth programs at other churches. We may also spend the day at an amusement park or visit a local play.