Women's Ministry

The WOLIC Women's Ministry meets on the first Saturday of every month from 9.30 to 11.30 AM.

We meet to reach and disciple women through the transforming power of Jesus Christ; to teach women how to live overcoming lives through prayer and the study of God's word; to provide an atmosphere for training and development of gifts and abilities; to foster lasting relationships; and to effectively reach our world for Christ.

The mission of WOLIC’s Women’s Ministry is to identify and provide spiritual and emotional support based on biblical principles to women of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as to women with special needs within both our church and our community.

In keeping with the motto of our church: we want "to carry out the great commission with the heart of the great commandment."

Our Goals:

  • Establish trust, confidentiality and develop lasting relationships within the ministry group.
  • Encourage and equip women to become involved and participate throughout the life of the ministry.
  • Establish small groups motivated and equipped for outreach ministry within our church and community.

More information and resources are available at the Assemblies of God National Website: Click here